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My Faith in Jesus

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I'm not selling Christianity. Jesus didn't.

I'm just expressing where I'm coming from, because it will likely be obvious to you at some least I hope so. Please don't feel pressured, if you don't believe what I do. God loves you...and He's a gentleman who won't force himself on anyone.

Before I can ever help you with your finances, you have to figure out if you like me or not, and whether you resonate with me as a person. That's why I include this page on my site. To help you make that decision.

In the beginning...

I grew up a nominal Christian, in a home where my parents sent me and my siblings to parochial school and made us go to church on Sunday, but they rarely went themselves. Then, while I was in the Navy, my father went to a weekend Christian retreat and met Jesus. When I next came home on leave he and my mother were completely different people. They were the same loving, funny, and sometimes loud parents they had always been; but they read the Bible and talked about spiritual things.

For a while I watched but didn't participate. Their change was obviously genuine, but like most people in the world today, I felt it was, "fine for them but not for me." After a while, though, I found myself intrigued by the security and peace they had inside...that I didn' I began reading the Bible myself. There I discovered my Creator, loving me and desiring for me to be close to Him now and even closer throughout eternity. And there was Jesus...sacrificing Himself for me.

Then at one of the weekend retreats my parents conducted for high school students, I accepted Jesus' sacrifice, asked His forgiveness, and became a joint heir of the salvation He earned for you and me at the cross

The first step in an eternal journey

That was four decades ago, and every day with the Lord is better than the day before. Today I love Him more than I did yesterday, I love His Word (the Bible) more than I did yesterday, and I look forward with great anticipation to spending eternity with Him.

In return for earnestly and honestly seeking Him, I have been blessed on this earthly journey with a wonderful and beautiful wife, two precious children, two fabulous children-in-law, eight amazing grandsons, and two "Princess of the Universe" granddaughters. And I have witnessed many miracles over these decades, not the least of which was my wife being delivered from a deadly six pound tumor the size of a basketball that was supposed to kill her on the Mayo Clinic operating table. So I can honestly say that I KNOW God is real, and I KNOW Jesus loves me and watches over me and my family.

I could go on an on for pages about Jesus and what he means to me...

But what about you?

I won't pound on the table, grab you by the lapels, and challenge you about where you'd end up if you died right now. However, I will respectfully ask you to ask yourself if you're confident about your spiritual position and destiny. Are you confident you have adequately checked out the possible answers to the BIG there anything after we take our last breath? If not, please consider the possibility that your Father God loves you and wants, more than anything, to have you with Him forever?

If this is ever a topic you'd like to discuss, have your people set something up with my people. :-)  Just kidding. Call or email me. My contact info is below.