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John Cummuta

As a Personal Finance Educator

John's heart is for his fellow Baby Boomers, their children, and their children, because the money-siphoning strategies of the banking industry, the weakness of the Social Security system, the failure of qualified plans, the insecurity of jobs, and dwindling pension plans have left Middle Class America with insufficient resources to achieve financial independence.

John has helped more than three million people worldwide position themselves to enjoy retirements most will only dream about. He is known for his Transforming Debt into Wealth system: the best-selling personal debt-elimination/wealth-building program in the world. However, his latest course, How to Live Like a Banker, including his book, The Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth, unveils his most comprehensive system for transitioning from indebted consumer to risk-free, tax-free wealth accumulator.

This comprehensive multi-media learning program teaches working people and professionals that the way to financial independence is not through "managing" their debts and eking out an additional 1% or 2% on their investment portfolio, but through eliminating their debts, while simultaneously recapturing as much as 34.5% of their after-tax income lost to interest charges. The mechanism that makes this possible?

The Private Family Bank.

Personal Finance Accomplishments

  • Author of The Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth
  • Author of Transforming Debt Into Wealth multimedia learning program.
  • Author of The Wealth Generator System multimedia learning program.
  • Author of the Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living Basic Course.
  • Author of the DebtFree Life System
  • Author of The Power of Perpetual Income
  • Co-author of the Credit Solutions program
  • Co-author of The Wealth Masters program
  • Author of Are You Being Seduced into Debt?
  • Author of Debt-Elimination 101
  • Co-creator DebtFree for Windows debt-elimination software
  • Worldwide seminar and conference leader for nearly two decades.
  • Certified Seminar Leader with American Seminar Leaders Association.

As an Entrepreneur and Business Educator

  • John started more than a half dozen successful businesses, one growing from his kitchen table top to $23 million in annual sales and 130 employees.
  • 3-time Inc. 500 CEO. (Inc Magazine's list of 500 fastest growing private companies in America)
  • Membership Marketing Director for half million member national association.
  • Manager of several radio stations, including VP/GM of WCFL Christian radio in Chicago
  • Operations Manager for National Religious Broadcasters association.
  • National Marketing Director for several nationwide direct marketing companies.
  • Author of Customer-Focused Direct Marketing book.
  • Author of Sales Machine Marketing System book.
  • Author of Wealth Machine business startup and marketing audio learning program.
  • Author of The Power of Perpetual Income 4-business audio learning program
  • Author of People Skills For Pros video training program.
  • Co-creator Sales Machine sales and marketing PC software program.
  • Marketing and Management columnist for Radio World magazine for 12 years.
  • Echo and Caples international direct marketing awards.
  • "Who's Who in Sales and Marketing" since 1987.
  • On-air radio host for more than a decade.
  • Debt-elimination and wealth-building seminar instructor for more than a decade.
  • Certified Internet Webmaster with CIW Certification Board.