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Transforming Debt into Wealth® Deluxe System

Transforming Debt into Wealth Deluxe System

The example household in the black box below would save 375 times the cost of this program in interest alone. $399 program price vs. $150,000 in interest savings.

Get completely out of debt (including your home mortgage) in just 5 to 7 years ― and start building real wealth from the first month ― using nothing more than the money you already make!

A typical $60,000 annual income household implementing the Transforming Debt into Wealth® program could save more than $150,000 in interest alone...and be able to build more than $2 million in their retirement portfolio in the same time they would have just paid off their mortgage the conventional way!

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Even if your credit cards are maxed out and you have a huge mortgage to pay off, you can still get rid of all your debt in about five to seven years, save thousands of dollars of interest ― and begin rapid wealth-building ― without sacrificing the things that matter most to you! This is as close to a financial chain reaction as you'll ever find. You'll be amazed how quickly your debts melt away, and how rapidly your net worth climbs!

In this freshly updated, world-wide best-selling program, you'll learn how to prioritize and pay off every penny of your debts in the shortest possible time. You'll discover how to operate 100% on cash...even in you'll NEVER need to use credit again.

Transforming Debt into Wealth® will teach you how to refocus every dollar you're currently wasting on debt payments toward building your wealth. And best of all, it will show you how to do all of this with the money you already make!

In addition to getting and staying out of debt, Transforming Debt into Wealth® will show you how to attain REAL financial freedom. You'll learn simple, no-hassle strategies for investing your money for long-term growth. And without debt dragging your down, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can amass a sizable nest egg.

After their debts have been paid off, many people can retire in a decade or less ― and they can achieve this using the money they are already bringing home! Far from being a lottery or a "get rich quick" scheme, this is a rock-solid plan -- a plan that will absolutely work for you ― a plan that will lead you from debt to wealth.

Get the Transforming Debt into Wealth® Deluxe System package today and start eliminating ALL your debts and building your net worth...your wealth...the first month you put the plan into action.

You'll Learn:

  • How to start building your net worth ― the best measurement of your financial wealth ― from the very first month on the plan.
  • How to break free from the constant consumer seduction of the "Coalition of Four."
  • How to rapidly grow your available monthly discretionary income.
  • Specific ways to cut daily shopping expenses without sacrificing the things you want most.
  • A simple mathematical system for prioritizing and rapidly paying off all your debts ― including your home mortgage.
  • Why your mortgage interest tax deduction is a losing proposition.
  • How to buy important purchases, such as cars, without getting your pocket picked.
  • How to literally redesign your life, because when you're debt-free, you have options again...options to live how, where, and with whom you really want.
  • And much more...

We take All major credit cards and PayPal
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Transforming Debt into Wealth® Deluxe System package includes 12 audio sessions on 6 CDs:

Transforming Debt into Wealth CDs
  • Let’s Start From Where You Are Now
  • Whose Wealth Are You Building?
  • Credit – Your Financial Enemy
  • A New Financial Attitude, A New Life
  • The Cascading Debt Elimination System™
  • The Power to Destroy Debt – Accelerator Margin
  • Manage Your Spending, Maximize Your Accelerator Margin
  • Building Your Wealth (2 sessions on investing)
  • Building Your Income
  • Redesigning Your Life
  • Ten Keys to Sustaining the TDIW System

200+ page manual that works in conjunction with audio sessions:

Transforming Debt into Wealth Manual

  • Manual sections align with audio sessions
  • Not just a transcript of audio sessions
  • More detail, additional examples, exercises
  • Valuable Appendices including a detailed financial tracking system

Instructional DVD, which includes:

Quick Start and Instructional DVD

  • System Quick Start – How to get the most out of the system components
  • A video walk through all the components in the package, explaining each
  • Step-by-step explanation of the debt payoff calculation
  • Walks you through filling out the Calculating Your Debt Payoff form in the manual

Plus you get the powerful DebtFree™ for Windows® debt-elimination software

DebtFree for Windows software

In just a few moments, DebtFree™ for Windows® will calculate and display your complete Transforming Debt into Wealth® debt-elimination plan—year by year, month by month, and payment by payment.

In the "Debt-Elimination Mode"...

  • You just enter every credit card, consumer loan, student loan, home equity loan, car loan, and mortgage you have, using DebtFree's easy wizard.
  • DebtFree™ will take into account starting totals, monthly payment amounts, and interest rates for all your debts, automatically determining the fastest route to total debt-freedom.
  • As you enter each debt the software instantly recalculates your debt-elimination plan.
  • When you're done putting your debts in...your plan is complete.
  • You can then print out a month-by-month, debt-by-debt payment plan, so you just have to write the checks it tells you to each month.
  • DebtFree™ will keep you apprised of you how much interest you're saving.
  • And it will display and print graphs so you can visualize your accelerated journey to debt-freedom.
  • Plus DebtFree™ lets you test "what-if" scenarios, such as periodic bonuses, so you can see the effect they would have on achieving your debt-freedom goal.

The "Wealth-Building Mode" of DebtFree™ will show you...

  • The power of investing the available monthly cash you'll have once you're debt-free.
  • A projection of the growth of your savings and investments, over whatever timeframe you choose.
  • How to test "what-if" variables, to see what changing interest rates or changing monthly investment amounts could do to explode your wealth.
  • How soon you could be financially secure and protected from future economic trauma.

All the graphs and monthly payment/investment tables are printable in full color, so you can develop your own personalized plan...and DebtFree™ will help you precisely execute every step of it.


We take All major credit cards and PayPal
30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Four business you could start and run from home

Volume 2 - Income Solutions

One way to accelerate your debt-elimination and wealth-building is to add more income. In Volume 2—Income Solutions, John Cummuta examines four businesses you can start and operate, from your home, while you keep your regular job. Or, if you're looking for a way to stay home with the children but still generate income, one of these businesses could be just the ticket.

These four businesses are reputable, realistic undertakings for the average person or couple. They're mainstream businesses that don't require any unusual skills, and they're contemporary opportunities...not just rehashes of old worn out topics. Two of these businesses operate on the World Wide Web.

The four businesses are:

  • The online auction business (like EBay)
  • Buying and renting out residential real estate
  • Creating and marketing information products (books, videos, audios, seminars, etc.)
  • Online affiliate marketing

Each of these businesses offers unlimited growth potential. Any of them could expand from a part-time income stream to a a fulltime business for you. And any of these businesses could be successfully operated by anyone with an interest in it. None of them demands any special education or credentials. They simply require a willingness to learn how the business operates, and that's precisely what John teaches you in Volume 2—Income Solutions. As he examines each of these four business models, John discusses:

  • Its Income potential
  • Working the business part-time versus fulltime
  • The business' work-at-home potential
  • How the business actually functions
  • Specialized knowledge that can be helpful
  • Tools that can make the business easier to start up and run
  • Tips for even greater success with the business
  • Additional information resources to gain even deeper knowledge about the business

With John's instruction on these four CDs and in the workbook, any of these businesses could be up and running for you in a matter of a few weeks to a couple months.

The Trend Tracker™ CD

The Trend Tracker CD

Regularly updated, the Trend Tracker™ CD covers critical current personal finance issues, including…

  • Economic trends
  • Employment trends
  • Inflation trends
  • Stock market trends
  • Housing market trends
  • Lending trends
  • How they affect your wealth-building

The Trend Tracker™ CD is up-to-date with the latest "Great Recession" perspectives, including post-recession strategies and opportunities.


One-on-one phone coaching session

Free personalized phone consultation

Talk live with one of John's personally-trained professional coaches, who will help you get started on the right track and answer any of your questions. This session is absolutely free.






You get all this:

  • The worldwide best-selling 12 session, 6-CD Transforming Debt into Wealth® audio course
  • The Transforming Debt into Wealth® 200+ page manual
  • The Quick-Start and Instructional DVD
  • The DebtFree™ for Windows® software
  • The 4-CD Income Solutions™ audio course and workbook
  • The latest Trend Tracker™ CD
  • And a one-on-one phone coaching session
  • All for just...

$399 plus shipping + handling

And you get a 30-day money-back guarantee of the product price

BOTTOM LINE — If you're still not convinced, let me repeat what I said at the top of this page. A typical $60,000 annual income household implementing the Transforming Debt into Wealth® program could save more than $150,000 in interest alone...and be able to build more than $2 million in their retirement portfolio in the same time they would have just paid off their mortgage the conventional way! Compare these numbers to the $349 price.

More than 2 million people worldwide have said, "Yes. Send me John's program."

We take All major credit cards and PayPal

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