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DebtFree for windows®

DebtFree SoftwareIn just a few moments, DebtFree™ for Windows® will calculate and display your complete Transforming Debt into Wealth® debt-elimination plan—year by year, month by month, and payment by payment. All the graphs and monthly payment/investment tables are printable in full color, so you can develop your own personalized plan...and DebtFree™ will help you precisely execute every step of it.

You just enter your data one time, and the software takes over management of your debt-elimination plan, telling you which payment to make to which creditor, and how much that payment should be each month.

As each debt is paid off, it's dropped from the payment schedule until all your Accelerator Marginis being applied to your last debt, usually your mortgage. When that debt is gone you're debt free!

DebtFree is Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1 compatible.

In the "Debt-Elimination Mode"...

  • You just enter every credit card, consumer loan, student loan, home equity loan, car loan, and mortgage you have.
  • DebtFree™ will take into account starting totals, monthly payment amounts, and interest rates for all your debts, automatically determining the fastest route to total debt-freedom.
  • As you enter each debt the software instantly recalculates your debt-elimination plan. When you're done putting your debts in...your plan is complete.
  • You can then print out a month-by-month, debt-by-debt payment plan, so you just have to write the checks it tells you to each month.
  • DebtFree™ will keep you apprised of you how much interest you're saving. And it will display and print graphs so you can visualize your accelerated journey to debt-freedom.
  • Plus DebtFree™ lets you test "what-if" scenarios, such as periodic bonuses, so you can see the effect they would have on achieving your debt-freedom goal.

The "Wealth-Building Mode" of DebtFree™ will show you...

  • The power of investing the available monthly cash you'll have once you're debt-free.
  • A projection of the growth of your savings and investments, over whatever timeframe you choose.
  • How to test "what-if" variables, to see what changing interest rates or changing monthly investment amounts could do to explode your wealth.

Key Benefits

  • Debt-Elimination Mode helps you quickly eliminate ALL your debts
  • Debt-Elimination Mode displays and prints a complete, month-by-month, payment-by-payment plan to follow to debt-freedom
  • Wealth-Building Mode shows how you can rapidly build retirement wealth
  • Wealth-Building Mode also lets you print out your month-by-month plan
  • Both modes allow "What-if" scenario testing
  • The program is simple to use—just fill in the blanks
  • DebtFree is Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1 compatible.

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